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Accounting Services

We have created for you and your small business the best and most modern accounting service!

Our accountants process your documents, coming from all over the world, on a daily basis.

Our Accounting Department relies on a number of eager financial, accounting and business administration professionals.

We have integrated an ERP network accounting system that enables us to diligently track and assess the performance of your business.

We are adept at International Accounting Standards and an authority in applying the Bulgarian Accounting Standards for our micro enterprises.

Using our specialized Payroll and HR management system, we prepare employment contracts, submit insurance statements, perform salary calculations, provide timely information to the NSSI, and this is only a modest sample of what we could offer to you and your business.

Our accounting team represents you and your companies before the Tax Authorities of Bulgaria, assuming full responsibility for their actions and professional conduct.

We offer excellent subscription accounting services at a reasonable and competitive prices. Due to the large number and diverse nature of the companies we service, we have managed to acquire extensive practical experience in the accounting of international transactions, tripartite operations, import and export on the territory of the European Union as well as with countries outside the Community, including long-distance commerce, tourism services, intra-Community acquisition and agency. Thanks to our portfolio of clients with diverse commercial activities, we develop and specialize on a daily basis.

We offer principal representation before the Bulgarian state institutions.

Registration of and EORI number, necessary for trading with goods outside of the European Union.

Registration under the Value Added Tax Act. /It is important to know that generally there are two types of registration under the Value Added Tax Act in Bulgaria – voluntary and compulsory (in case your turnover reaches 50 thousand BGN or 25 thousand EUR). After you register under the voluntary option, you are not able to deregister or to close down the company for at least two years. The Bulgarian legislation requires VAT declarations from those registered under the Value Added Tax Act on a monthly basis up to the 14th of each month, irrespective of whether your company was active or not.

List of services

– Submitting VAT declarations.
– VIES declarations.
– INTASTAT declarations.
– Taking care of the companies accounting needs in line with the National Accounting Standards
– Labour and remunerations, keeping labour records in line with the Labour Code, calculating insurance in accordance with the – Bulgarian tax and social-security legislation. Monthly submission of declarations for insurance and remuneration.
– Monitoring the money flow.
– Preparing references, balance sheets and reports.
– Financial planning.
– Tax consultation.
– Legal consultation.
– Principal representation before the Tax Authorities.
– Preparing and submitting Annual Financial Reports and Annual Tax Declarations.

Besides a contract for monthly subscription accounting services, “Union Balkans Business” OOD also offers preferential price for prepaid packages for 3, 6 and 12 months.

The price of our accounting services does NOT depend on the number of your issued and received documents /your monthly document flow/. It depends on the type of your company’s activity. We are convinced that proper accounting is important and an inseparable part of your business success, and that it should not in any way burden your budget.

Do business, leave bureaucracy to us!

We offer accounting service subscription at a reasonable price. Due to the fact that we provide accounting services to many and different companies, we accumulated considerable experience in the accounting of international transactions, tripartite operations, import and export in the European Union as well as with countries outside the Community, long-distance trade, tourism, services, intra-community acquisition, intra-community shipments, mediation. Our diverse client portfolio urges us to develop and specialize every day.

We offer Authorized Representation before the State Institutions in Bulgaria.

Opening, by means of a power of attorney, of company current accounts with the respective cards and on-line banking.

Registration of an EORI number necessary for transactions with goods outside the European Union.

Registration under ZDDS (Value Added Tax Act). It is important to know that basically, there are two types of VAT registration in Bulgaria – voluntary and compulsory (with turnover 50 000 BGN or 25 000 EUR). If you perform a voluntary registration you cannot deregister or close your company for a period of at least two years. In Bulgaria you should submit your VAT declarations on a monthly basis until the 14th of the respective month, irrespective if your company is active or not.

The Accounting Service includes:
Submitting VAT declarations. Conducting the accounting of the company in line with the National Accounting Standards TRZ (Payroll and Human resources), insurance estimate in line with the tax and social legislation in the country. Following the financial flows. Preparation of references, balances, reports. Authorized representation before the Tax Services.