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You have already registered a company in Bulgaria. You have a registered a Limited Liability Company (LTD/EOOD), but you seem to have questions pending and concerns regarding your new company, which you would like to clarify once and for all. Worry no more and just contact us whenever you please. Our competent team of lawyers, accountants and business professionals will respond to you right away. They will listen to your questions, thoroughly discuss the situation at hand and together you will come up with the best possible solution and answers.

You can quickly and easily move the seat and address of management, as well as the accounting services of your Company in our office, where you receive a free of charge administrative address, accounting services at the most reasonable price, competent tax and legal consultancy, authorized representation and all this is carried out in a language of your preference – Greek, Italian, German, English.

Our experts will perform a diligent analysis of your Company, and all Company documentation will be prepared by us in the language of your preference. We pride ourselves on delivering the most sensible pricelist when it comes to company registration and providing professional accounting and legal services.

The prices of our accounting services do NOT depend on and are NOT related to the document turnover of your company, our prices remain the same irrespective of the number and the type of invoices, bank statements etc. your company issues.

Please, contact us for a specific quote.

If you have any problems and questions regarding your Bulgarian company, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible.

We are the partners always on your side!